Monday, February 16, 2009

Goodbye friend,

Dear Friends,

We are deeply saddened to share the news that Ethan Runnells, who many of you surely met at the past two RRFM's, died in a canoeing accident Saturday evening. Ethan, along with his friend Matt, was a participant and enthusiast of the RRFM. They brought along their wilderness survival skills presentations and tools table to both RRFM's. Ethan personally expressed his appreciation of and excitement at attending the next RRFM this coming Saturday. The image of Ethan magically making fire by friction, a special talent of his, graces our current promotional flyers. Ethan's contributions to the Indianapolis area extended far beyond the reaches of the RRFM, but we were specifically made much better by his presence. We will miss him tremendously.

Some of us will be creating a participatory memorial for Ethan this Saturday where you can leave your thoughts, appreciations, condolences, thanks, etc. for him, his friends and family. If you would like to show your appreciation in some way this Saturday, we certainly encourage you to do so however you feel inspired.

We already miss you Ethan.

- RRFM instigators

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Jim Runnels said...

Thank you for the kinds words on my son Ethan. He was a special young man.