Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Have you ever noticed that when the skies dump piles of snow upon us, the goodwill of everyone holed up in their homes tends to double itself? Neighbors leave their warm homes to dig out cars, shovel paths for the mail carrier, push cars stuck in drifts and offer any services that help those trapped in the beautiful mess. We'd say the RRFM is an extension of this sort of cooperation more than vice-versa, but we are glad to play a part regardless. The goal, for us anyways, is to always seek out new ways to extend this obligation-free sort of cooperation, without extending a hand for payment, but only for the satisfaction it gives to everyone involved. Consider that reward if you are stuck or know others who are stuck still tomorrow.

Take care. Go sledding. See you in a few weeks.

-RRFM instigators

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok, so maybe y'all are more readers than you are talkers. That's cool. We just hear so many good, interesting stories DURING the RRFM that we thought it would be neat to share some of them to those who couldn't make it. That's ok, as long as the stories keep coming we'll be happy.

Speaking of the next RRFM, we think we might have a DJ slotted to entertain us through at least part of the day. Also, some of you may have noticed the space issue that developed last month. Part of that was due to a larger attendance and part of it was due to, well, let's just say a "dominant" personality. Regardless, this month the floor will be opened up a little bit more and the possibility of extending the RRFM into the upstairs might also be available.

In other happenings, Autonomous the Octopus (our RRFM mascot) is being fleshed out, so to speak, and we'll hopefully have something to post in the coming weeks.

Until next time, enjoy the snow!

-RRFM instigators

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Enough about us...what about you?

With two successful months of RRFMing under our belts (and many more to come) we, the instigators, find ourselves sitting around reflecting on all of the amazing items and services that have been freely given and graciously received. We've talked amongst ourselves, with others and no doubt filled your inboxes with plenty of updates regarding all of this. You know what we saw come through the RRFMs, you've heard what we feel were the highlights of the events. Now, however, we want to hear your side of the story! What really cool items did you see pass through the Earth House doors on the third Saturday of the last two months? What did you really want but couldn't cross the room fast enough to get to it before someone else called it their own? Did you enjoy the atmosphere? What was the highlight of your experience at the RRFM? What would make your experience even better than before? You can either respond in the comment section of this post or e-mail us at Either way, we would love to hear your story and we'll be sure to create a post of compiled RRFM love letters in the very near future!

Looking forward to all of your responses!

~Your Beloved Instigators

Monday, January 19, 2009


"The Male Archetype" in the children's music/dance class
music/dance class

dance/music class and more crowds

the crowds

some goods and the crowds

Portrait sketches and "the male archetype"

Vegan desserts! "good for the animals, but maybe not so good for you." - Box o' Knives! Doughnuts!

Photos! (lots more to we load them)

Twice as free!

Is it truthful to say this past weekend's Really Really Free Market was twice as good as the first one? Well, whether it is or not, we're saying it anyways! At the very least, we avoided the dreaded sophmore slump.

Who knows how the forces of momentum work, especially in this city, but some dynamics certainly came together to make this RRFM even better than the last. Credit must be given where credit is due though, so we'd like to thank everyone that came out, everyone that spread the word to their friends and on their blogs (really, keep that up!), and probably an extra thanks is due to The Nuge for his article in NUVO that surely brought in a substantial number of people we would not have reached otherwise. Again, WHATEVER came together to foster the environment of the event this time, we surely enjoyed it all! We're sorry if you missed out, but we'll be back next month, same bat place, same bat time.

As to the specifics of the event, we found it quite amusing that the self-imposed restrictions people felt at simply TAKING FREE STUFF the first time around were seemingly non-existent this past Saturday. Last month we had to assure everyone that they could find something they wanted and walk home with it, and even then we heard many mutterings of "I feel guilty taking this" slip from their lips. This time though, the process was well understood and items were being snatched up as soon as they were put on the floor...and even before they left some trunks in the parking lot! We were very pleased that the sense of obligation and apprehension some internalize was cast aside so as to freely share in the communal pot of goods. We hoped to take photos of the items and keep a running list of what others brought, but with so many people, everything was being picked up right after it was put down. One marketeer who had brought a box of computer supplies placed them on the floor then went to his car to get one more item and on his return found that absolutely everything he brought was now in someone else's hands waiting to be hooked up and put to good use! This happened quite frequently.

Although we couldn't keep an exact tally of the goods that were brought and services offered, here is a list we can pull from memory:

Golf clubs
Bike tires/clothes/fenders
Boom boxes
Computer printers/scanners/keyboards/monitors
Lots and lots of clothes
Kids toys
Vegan cookies and Rice Krispie Treats
Longs doughnuts (maybe the item that got the most praise)
Pocket knifes of all kinds
Music/Dance demonstration
Flint Knapping demonstration by our wilderness survival friends
Portrait sketches
Baby stroller
Vintage chair
and much much more...seriously, lots.

We must say, one of the stand out items this market was the boxes of Longs Glazed doughnuts that everybody went nuts over. Those were devoured before most marketeers even realized they were there. The rush on the box of knives was quite amusing as well, once the word spread.

In all, we have to declare this RRFM TWICE as successful as the last RRFM. Why twice? Why not? Certainly we at least doubled the number of attendees, estimating approximately 400 people coming through the doors throughout the day, and the number and variety of goods was quite exciting as well. Let's not get wrapped up in the spectacle of numbers though. Ultimately, the general energy of the marketeers held the most value to us as everyone seemed to be in great spirits, the many children playing with the toys non-stop (then taking them home!), the great conversations had about providing for others and making plans to share services outside the RRFM, the spreading passions to reignite similarly focused projects and finally the plotting on how to get involved come next month. We can't wait to see where this continues to go.

We leave you with the following quote from this past Saturday.

"Really? Seriously?" - as in, really? seriously? you're giving THAT away? just before excitedly taking a rice cooker back to their car. We suspect this interaction took place more than a handful of times.

Friday, January 16, 2009

FREE Music Together demonstration time

There have been several people inquire as to what time to expect the FREE Music Together demonstration class. Well, we now have a time set up and the class will be held upstairs at 3pm. If anyone is interested in bringing their children this is a great opportunity to learn about Music Together. Mandi Shull will be teaching the class and she asks that all who plan to attend please bring their own instruments. We will have a small basket with a limited number of shakers, bells and other such music makers for those who do not or cannot bring anything. Come join the fun!

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at 2:30, after you have spent your morning at the Indy Winter Farmers Market!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NUVO story and your weekend plans

Dear fellow Really Really Free Marketeers,

The story on the Really Really Free Market is now live on - specifically right here, - and we think it's quite awesome, representing the RRFM as the ownerless, communal event that it is. Big thanks to Christopher Newgent for doing the work on the story. We aren't sure if it will be a print story as well, but we'll all find out tomorrow. Regardless, we are very appreciative for the exposure. Go check it out and share it with your friends!

Further, we are mind-readers. We know exactly what is going to go through your mind this Saturday.

You'll be thinking. "Golly G is it freezing out! I mean, it's officially Indiana winter cold. Not just cold, but longjohn's, under tights, under a snow suit, under a hazmat suit just to get the mail cold." You'll also be thinking, "I can't take this anymore. I've been cooped up for days now in fear of my fingernails falling off due to exposure in the winter air for more than 3 nanoseconds. I want to go somewhere!" Then you'll check the weather and realize it's actually a balmy 32 degrees! It's not dangerously cold at all! Although you won't want to throw on your speedos and lounge out by the White River, the temperature will be endurable enough that you can make it past the mailbox and into your car this time. So, come Saturday, this is what you do...

Get up somewhat early, put on your warmy clothes, make it to the car (fingernails intact) and drive on down to 25th and Central for the Indy Winter Farmers Market - - from 9:00 to 12:30. It will be warm inside. Get some coffee.

When you are finished there, go grab a bite to eat for lunch, then head on over to the Really Really Free Market at 237 N. East Street from 2:30 - 6:00, held inside the beautiful, warm and beautifully warm Earth House. Seriously, it'll be toastier in there than the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man after the Ghostbusters got a hold of him and crossed the streams. It's gonna be awesome and we'd love to have you along.

So there you go, your Saturday morning and early evening are taken care of, courtesy the RRFM instigators. What you do after 6:00 is up to you, though we hear some mean scrabble games take place in the Broad Ripple area.

Just a handful of days away from RRFM awesomeness. Gather your goods or your friends or your friends goods and we'll see you Saturday!

- RRFM instigators

Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick update

Unfortunately, Oliver can't make it to the RRFM this Saturday, but another participant has stepped forward at just the right time to offer massage themselves. So rest assured, all your muscle relaxing needs will be taken care of!

See you Saturday!

- RRFM instigators

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hot diggity!

Hey friends,

We have now started confirming events for the next Really Really Free Market on the 17th. The still developing list is as follows:

You may remember him from the last RRFM...
Massage, Reiki healing and Tarot readings by Oliver!


The wilderness survival folks who almost burned down our space (not really!) - Eehsipana - are returning with their array of primitive weapons, survival tools and limiltless wealth of luddite knowledge to give another fascinating pre-apocalypse survival presentation for all you zombie haters, earth lovers and collapsist fantasy afficionados.

And returning as well...

The fantastical Jaclyn,
presenting an Afro Modern Dance from 3pm - 4pm, consisting of a warmup, coordinating exercises, torso work, and a combo ending. Lovers of dance and movement won't want to miss this.

And now presenting..

a 30 minute Music Together demonstration class for families and kids between the ages of 0 - 5. Music Together consists of singing, movement, music and dancing. Bring your own instruments for the musical portion (or hopefully find some at the RRFM beforehand!).


As you can see, the schedule is already shaping up to surpass the last events activities. Do come out and join in the fun, and bring some of your own as well. We still have limitless room for more activities, presentations, demonstrations, discussions, etc., so get in touch if you'd like us to do some pre-event promotion for you.


As last month's participants can tell you, we had LOTS of clothes to offer. There will, again, be plenty of clothes to sift through, but keep in mind that there are plenty of children and kids clothes for anyone you think might be in need of some. In addition to the very nice women's clothes offered, we are also hoping more men's clothes will be brought. Some people picked up the nice men's clothes that were there, but they disappeared quickly. Do consider bringing men's clothes as well..they are certainly desired.


That's it for now. Thanks to everyone who has been promoting the RRFM on their websites, to their friends, at their workplaces and elsewhere. We are all really building a great event that shows no signs of slowing down. Speaking of promotion, keep a look out for the story on the RRFM in next week's NUVO newsweekly.

Till next time!

- RRFM instigators

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More photos

Hey friends,

We dug up some more photos from the last Really Really Free Market. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hey friends,

The NUVO story did not run this week, but we just got word they are interested in highlighting the Really Really Free Market as either a feature story or a cover story for the January 14th edition. If this all comes through, we'll have an awesome media presence just before our next RRFM on the 17th.

Keep looking through those closets, telling your friends and finding more people interested in participating. See you in a few weeks.

- RRFM instigators