Sunday, May 31, 2009

3 Weeks

Hey friends,

The next Really Really Free Market is a meager 3 weeks away on Saturday June 20th at The Earth House from 2:30 - always.

We know garage sale season is upon us, but hey, in case you purchased something at a garage sale that you now have buyers remorse over, do not fret! Simply bring that unwanted item to the free market where we are sure it will find a happy home. Heck, we've already done that ourselves!

We want to apologize to everyone who attended last month, for there were no vegan desserts for the taking. We were very busy leading up to the market and simply didn't have the time to help you break your diets. We'll be sure to correct that oversight next month. Feel free to help us in that regard as well. Actually, feel free to help in any way you are inspired. Whether it's promotion (always awesome!), baking food, bringing items, performing a service, etc. You know everyone always appreciates it!

Keep spreading the good word about the Really Really Free Market and we'll see you in a few weeks!

-RRFM instigators

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Erin K Drew said...

made a flyer for the RRFM, viewable
feel free to rip this image, print and distribute!