Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hot diggity!

Hey friends,

We have now started confirming events for the next Really Really Free Market on the 17th. The still developing list is as follows:

You may remember him from the last RRFM...
Massage, Reiki healing and Tarot readings by Oliver!


The wilderness survival folks who almost burned down our space (not really!) - Eehsipana - are returning with their array of primitive weapons, survival tools and limiltless wealth of luddite knowledge to give another fascinating pre-apocalypse survival presentation for all you zombie haters, earth lovers and collapsist fantasy afficionados.

And returning as well...

The fantastical Jaclyn,
presenting an Afro Modern Dance from 3pm - 4pm, consisting of a warmup, coordinating exercises, torso work, and a combo ending. Lovers of dance and movement won't want to miss this.

And now presenting..

a 30 minute Music Together demonstration class for families and kids between the ages of 0 - 5. Music Together consists of singing, movement, music and dancing. Bring your own instruments for the musical portion (or hopefully find some at the RRFM beforehand!).


As you can see, the schedule is already shaping up to surpass the last events activities. Do come out and join in the fun, and bring some of your own as well. We still have limitless room for more activities, presentations, demonstrations, discussions, etc., so get in touch if you'd like us to do some pre-event promotion for you.


As last month's participants can tell you, we had LOTS of clothes to offer. There will, again, be plenty of clothes to sift through, but keep in mind that there are plenty of children and kids clothes for anyone you think might be in need of some. In addition to the very nice women's clothes offered, we are also hoping more men's clothes will be brought. Some people picked up the nice men's clothes that were there, but they disappeared quickly. Do consider bringing men's clothes as well..they are certainly desired.


That's it for now. Thanks to everyone who has been promoting the RRFM on their websites, to their friends, at their workplaces and elsewhere. We are all really building a great event that shows no signs of slowing down. Speaking of promotion, keep a look out for the story on the RRFM in next week's NUVO newsweekly.

Till next time!

- RRFM instigators

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