Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Have you ever noticed that when the skies dump piles of snow upon us, the goodwill of everyone holed up in their homes tends to double itself? Neighbors leave their warm homes to dig out cars, shovel paths for the mail carrier, push cars stuck in drifts and offer any services that help those trapped in the beautiful mess. We'd say the RRFM is an extension of this sort of cooperation more than vice-versa, but we are glad to play a part regardless. The goal, for us anyways, is to always seek out new ways to extend this obligation-free sort of cooperation, without extending a hand for payment, but only for the satisfaction it gives to everyone involved. Consider that reward if you are stuck or know others who are stuck still tomorrow.

Take care. Go sledding. See you in a few weeks.

-RRFM instigators

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