Sunday, March 1, 2009

Branches and Autonomous

Hi friends,

We apologize for the lack of consistent communication but we have been quite busy tending to other responsibilities right now. Rest assured, we are still working on the RRFM and spreading the word as best we can. The next RRFM is in 3 weeks and we look forward to seeing everyone there. For this month we really want to stress your involvement, whether that is bringing goods, items and services, or getting the word out about the RRFM to others. In the past we have been bringing a considerable amount of clothing that has gotten left behind, but as we needed the room in our garage we decided to donate a considerable portion of that clothing pile to a needing non-profit organization. With that, the original pile of goods will not be there at the start of this month's RRFM, although we will still have a number of items to bring ourselves. So yes, it would be awesome if you brought along your unwanted goods and helped us start the RRFM off early.

Speaking of early, this past month we tried to set up ahead of time so as to avoid any scheduling conflict and to simply have everything ready by two o'clock, but what happened was that a lot of good stuff was claimed way before the RRFM even started. We are glad the items found homes for sure, but we hoped having good and plentiful items on display at 2 would foster an exciting communal environment. In the future, we will make sure to set up closer to 2 o'clock in order to avoid this from occurring again.

Also, be on the lookout for Branches magazine. This month's theme is "Abundance" and an article about the RRFM is in there. Check it out.

Finally, we unveiled our unofficial mascot Autonomous the Octopus in coloring sheet form. The following are submissions by some of the Really Really Free Marketeers that were in attendance. We are quite pleased by the results. Until next time friends.

-- RRFM instigators

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