Thursday, March 12, 2009

Curb Day

We were alerted to this by a friend of ours and thought y'all might be interested.

--- For Immediate Release ----
Mike Morone, Rochester, NY
585 749-5107

“give your stuff away”
Nation-wide give-away event (Curb Day) is Saturday, May 16, 2009

On Saturday, May 16, 2009, people all over will participate in “Curb Day” by bringing unwanted (but still valuable) items to their curbs for others to cart away for free.

All of us own extra “stuff” – things that have value, but not to us. Overall, there are millions of items out there – good stuff, just wasting away, cluttering households. In today’s economy, especially, many others would love to own these items.

On May 16 (or the night of the 15th), please bring your unwanted valuables to your curb for others to pick up. And if you need something, take a walk in your neighborhood – you might just find it for free.

Please use good sense. Do not donate weapons of any kind. No chemicals and nothing dangerous at all. Nothing illegal either. No food or alcohol, please.

Do NOT put garbage out on Curb Day. If you’re not sure if something is valuable or truly junk, ask for some opinions, or don’t put it out.

Finally, drive carefully that weekend. Be alert for vehicles stopping quickly. Stay in the left lane if you’re not stopping.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mike Morone at, (585) 749-5107.

Common Sense Rules:
· If local ordinances prohibit this activity, please do not participate.
· Please place ONLY the allowed items on your curb (see below).
· Please do NOT place junk, dangerous or illegal items on your curb (see below).
· Please be careful driving that weekend, as many drivers will be frequently stopping

These items are OK to place at your curb on Curb Day, May 16th:
· Appliances
· Computers (with hard drives scrubbed)
· Electronics
· Bicycles
· Sporting Goods
· Tools (be careful with sharp blades)
· Yard and Garden Equipment
· Lawn mowers and other Outdoor Equipment
· Tables
· Chairs
· Couches / Sofas
· Desks
· Bedroom Furniture
· Musical Instruments
· Books
· Clothes
· Shoes
· Kitchen Utensils
· Lamps
· Plants, Potted Trees, etc.
· Building Materials
· Other Durable Goods

These items are PROHIBITED:
· Garbage
· Weapons of any kind
· Dangerous items
· Chemicals of any kind
· Food items
· Illegal Items

Want to help?
· Bring out your stuff on May 16th
· Tell all your friends
· Tell your local media
· Post this event on Craig’s List and other sites
· Send in your ideas, stories, and photos
· Send us a few bucks (to help us promote Curb Day)

Mike Morone
PO Box 21
North Chili, NY 14514
585 749-5107

Give Your Stuff Away - on Curb Day
May 16, 2009
Please tell EVERYONE

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