Saturday, December 6, 2008

big time

Umm...Wow. Imagine our surprise when we opened NUVO today to discover the Really Really Free Market was listed in the Social Justice Calendar page, without any doing on our part to get it there. I guess a good idea spreads on its own huh?! Regardless, thanks NUVO!

We are currently working on a new RRFM poster that we'll post when it's finished. This one is going to utilize the current economic "oopsy" with a little more teeth. We hope you like it. We'll send a PDF out to everyone on our email list in case you want to print and make copies yourself. Also, as our free copy hookup disappeared recently, we'd like to secure a new one if any of you have access to free copies. If so, please shoot us an email.

-RRFM organizers

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