Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hello friends,

In our recent post-RRFM downtime we've been scheming and brainstorming for the next one. We are still working on our plans, but for the time being we are looking to solicit for services of all kinds, whether that's a skillshare (wilderness survival, repairs, cooking, juggling, home-brewing, fire-eating, etc. etc.), theory workshops (horizontalism, gender liberation, tactic/strategy, etc. etc.) or plain ol' offering of your talents (hair styling, massage, yoga, burrito making, birthing consultation, nose picking, counseling, legal advice, etc. etc.). If you have talents/skills/desires as related to these, we'd love for you to show up on the 17th and offer them. However, it would also be pretty awesome if you contacted us (via email) ahead of time so we could promote your workshop/service.

Regarding talents, we are certainly open to musicians, puppeteers, whatever, playing during the RRFM. The Earth House has a PA and microphones available so all that is taken care of. If you'd like to perform, please contact us ahead of time as well (or just show up!).

In our efforts to make this one of the best and most diverse RRFM's in the country we are hoping to reach out to various communities who would be interested in participating. With that in mind, an artist friend of ours expressed a desire to see more artists bring their work to give to other art afficionados and artists themselves. We also thought this was a fantastic idea. If you have any good ideas on getting the word out to this (or any) community, please let us know. Furthermore, if you have ideas of other individuals or communities who would be interested in participating, please let us know, or request flyers from us so you can do the promotion yourself if you'd like.

Speaking of promotion, we aren't sure when it is going to print, but we believe the story on the past RRFM might run in tomorrow's (31st) edition of NUVO newsweekly. Be on the lookout for that.

Finally, in one of our more excited brainstorming sessions, we think we've created an unofficial mascot for the Indy RRFM. Ladies and Germs, we introduce to you...

Autonomous the Octopus! (visual to come later)

Just think of the possibilities- homemade Autonomous the Octopus dolls made from recycled fabric, Autonomous the Octopus coloring books for the kids, Autonomous the Octopus t-shirts screenprinted during a RRFM skillshare, Autonomous the Octopus flamethrowers! Uh..well, maybe not that last one considering our debacle with the smoke alarms at The Earth House.

Ok, that's enough for now friends. Keep brainstorming on your end. Spread the word to your buddies, on your blogs, in smoke signals, with your skywriting bi-planes, through mental telepathy. Whatever! We'll keep up on our end and continue updating the site (soon to be updated with links and dates).

- RRFM instigators

Remember, Autonomous the Octopus says, "Hey kids, Capitalism is boring! Come to the Really Really Free Market!"

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