Monday, December 1, 2008

Calling all participants...

As the days go by we are becoming increasingly encouraged by the interest that everyone is showing in the RRFM, as well as by the offerings of services that we have so far. Participation is vital to the success of the RRFM. If anyone is interested in contributing to that success, here are a few services/sources of entertainment that we would love to see offered on December 20th:

-music/drumming lessons
-live music
-face painting
-juggling ;)

The Earth House provides plenty of room and opportunity for endless possibilities. If you have a skill that you would love to share with everyone but it's not listed, no worries, show up and offer! Of course, the material goods and food are welcome and encouraged also.

If you would like to commit to offering up your skills/talents for the RRFM on December 20th, please contact us as we intend to send out teaser e-mails, flyers and such.

As always, we are excited that this ball is rolling and look forward to seeing everyone in a few short weeks!

~Indy RRFM Organizers

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