Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Poster and update

Hey friends,

We've had some individuals come forward and offer awesome activities/services for all attending the RRFM. So far we have a yoga class led by a certified yoga instructor, chair massages by a massage therapist, placenta encapsulation by Placenta Girls, student consultation from a nurse practitioner/midwifery student, portrait photos by a professional photographer, bicycle repair by a skilled mechanic and surely more to schedule or simply show up! Just to clarify, we've had these individuals agree to perform their services ahead of time, but there is no reservation process for this event. If you have anything you want to offer, just show up with supplies and a sign and we're all good to go!

Also, we have created a new poster for the event that we will be printing and distributing around town. If you would like to help advertise for the event, email us and we will send you a PDF of the flyer. Further, if anyone has access to free copies, please get in touch as we would like help in avoiding the costs of copying these flyers.

- RRFM organizers


Revolutionary Mama said...

I want to see if my church can help offset the costs of the flyers. Maybe I can make free copies there, or maybe they would like to donate money to cover costs. Let me know how I can help...

j said...

Thanks for the offer!

If your church is willing to make copies in the future that would be much appreciated. We'd prefer that sort of exchange over a monetary donation if at all possible, although we appreciate both offerings.

- RRFM organizers/instigators